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If there is one thing certain about a music career, it’s that they rarely evolve in a straight line – there are always creative detours and diversions. The best artists know just to roll with it. To open their minds and try something new. And there are few finer examples of that in Australian music today than Roz Pappalardo.

For the best part of two decades, Roz has been shaking things up, challenging perceptions and very much forging her own direction through the music landscape. There have been rock records, folk tunes, country and more recently a successful move into musical theatre.

In total, she has released more than 10 records in various guises, perhaps the best known though with her muchloved duo Women in Docs. It was ‘The Docs’ that brought Roz’s incredible voice and song-writing smarts into the spotlight and a band that has seen her tour the country and the globe more times than she can remember.

Now based in Cairns, the one constant through Roz’s career has been a drive to do her own thing and consequences be damned. And nowhere is that more apparent on her striking new solo album Sound The Alarm – due out early 2020.

Honest doesn’t come close. Writing and recording the album has been a deeply personal process driven by a simple desire to hold nothing back. Talking about the first single ‘Let it Go’, Roz says it all:

“This song is about wanting to be the change. It’s about a desire to do things differently in my life with bravery and passion. I wrote this song in less than an hour and I feel a like a frickin’ roaring lion when I sing it. Love it. This was the first vocal take on the first song we put down and it pretty much stayed. It just felt right.”

The new solo album is a return of sorts for Roz to the kind of music that launched her career. Over the past couple of years she has continued to perform solo shows and with Women In Docs, but much of her attention has been grabbed by the stage.

Recently she has performed professional acting roles in numerous new works including ‘The Impossible Dream’ (Paronella Park) along with JUTE Theatre Company new works – “What are the Odds?’ (Angela Murphy), ‘Paradise is Singing’ (Kathryn Ash) and her own production ‘Rosa’. Meanwhile she has performed ‘Rosa’ and her powerful one-woman show ‘Banging on the Door’ both nationally and overseas.

Her commitment to arts in her community has also been evident in her work on ‘Beginnings’ a major music theatre work about the town of Cairns and ‘Woven’ an all-woman First Nations musical theatre work based on the female experience.

It has been exciting work for Roz that not only takes her out of her comfort zone, but reinforces her deep commitment to the power of music and the arts to create change. An approach also evident in her work on The Soldier’s Wife – a major ongoing song-writing project that supports military families.

As she returns to venues to perform her new solo record, Roz’s legion of loyal fans will find an artist full of the gutsy passion she is known for – but with a sense of confidence and a willingness to lay it all bare.


“The Wayward Gentlemen provide the perfect setting for Pappalardo’s voice and songwriting to shine…”

Courier Mail, Noel Mengel, Sept 2009, 4 stars.

“… the quality never falters,”

Rave Magazine, Matt Thrower, Sept 2009, 3 and 1/2 stars.

“An album with crisp unforced vocals, and a professional finish…”

The Naked Dwarf, August 2009.

“… it’s clear her [Roz’s] songwriting is still the star of the show …”

Time Off, Daniel Wynne, Jan 2010, 4/5 stars.